About Us

About the Penny Pincher Digital

  • Penny Pincher Digital is owned by Local Value Media [LVM], owners of The Best in the Bronx online directory and The Bronx Penny Pincher, which is the most effective credible advertising vehicle in the entire Bronx. We are real people with our headquarters in the Bronx and we personally work on every website for our clients.

  • Together with its website, digital editions, email newsletter, and sponsored content programs, The Penny Pincher continues to serve the Bronx community for over 40 years and counting.

  • The owners have decades of executive experience in media publishing and digital sectors. Our goal is to provide practical solutions to small and midsize companies looking to increase their propensity to drive new and repeat customers to their business.

  • We recently launched Penny Pincher Digital to help our partners to make most of an online presence, and do so for far less money than other vendors you might consider. And we have the knowledge of your local market – we are part of your Bronx community.